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  Axis Architects is an indigenous well established firm that was registered
  in Kenya in March 1995. The firm was initiated with the aim of providing the
  full range of Architectural Consultancy to Developers of various projects in
  the built environment for both the private and public sectors.
  Axis recognizes the competitive nature of the consulting industry and
  realizes th
at the firm’s professional status and growth depends on the
  quality of its work. The firm has a high sense of excellence and has the
  confidence that the qualifications and experience of its consultancy
  personnel guided by the firm’s motto, “Commitment to Excellence
  ensures that it executes effectively and efficiently as the key Philosophy
  to the working spirit in all types of Projects handled by the firm.

  The firm has a rich background in all aspects of Architectural
  consultancy. The staff have individually or as a team handled a wide
  spectrum of projects of varying complexity and size. This has been an
  important ingredient to expose them to intricacies of Project Planning,
  Design, Documentation, Contract, Administration and generally the right
  procedures to manage different tasks. Axis Architects emphasizes on
  high professional standards and ability to respond quickly to clients
  needs within set periods. The services offered by the consultancy include
  the following:-

 ||  Architectural Design
 ||  Project Management
 ||  Building Contract Administration
 ||  Interior Design
 ||  Landscape Design
 ||  Urban Planning
 ||  Urban Design
 ||  Building environmental Design
            Visual (lighting)
            Thermal (Heating)
              Acoustics (Sound & Noise)


  Axis has successfully undertaken numerous projects of varying sizes and
  requirements. The firm recognizes that fundamental understanding of
  clients’  requirements and budget, of local cultures, environments, and of
  subtle issues and problems of development  are essential to ensure
  projects success. The firm has the ability to perform sensitively and yet
  efficiently in all fields of Architectural consultancy. The period the firm
  has been in practice it has  undertaken the following  projects;

 ||  Industrial & Factory Buildings
 ||  Agricultural Buildings
 ||  Commercial Buildings
 ||  Community Buildings
 ||  Bank Buildings
 ||  Housing Projects
 ||  Education Buildings
 ||  Landscaping Projects


  The firm has continued to satisfactorily
  provide consultancy services to the
  following corporate bodies;

  |  Kenya Tea Development Agency Limited
  |  Nyayo Tea Zones Development
  |  Kenya Commercial Bank Limited
  |  Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)
  |  Ministry of Lands  & Housing
  |  Ministry of  Roads & Public Works
  |  Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited
  |  Norwegian Church Aid
  |  Suera Flowers Limited
  |  Gatoka Limited
  |  The Life Ministry
  |  Catholic Church - St. Johns the
     Evangelist, Karen Nairobi
  |  Kenya Civil Aviation
  |  Housing Finance Co. of Kenya (HFCK)
  |  Kenya Ports Authority pension Fund
  |  Central Bank of Kenya Pensions Fund

  We are also registered with the following
  institutions for consultancy work
  |  National Bank of (K) Ltd.
  |  Kenyatta national Hospital
  |  Consolidated bank
  |  National Housing Corporation




  Wood Avenue, Kilimani

  Off Argwings Kodhek Road
  P. O. Box 76635 - 00508

  Tel: +254 (20) 3870290/963

  Fax: +254 (20) 3870963


  Website: www.axis.co.ke

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